History of Allscott Mill Bed & Breakfast, Shropshire

Historic Shropshire B&B near Shrewsbury, Shropshire

The Old Mill before the Bed and Breakfast

The first record of a mill at this site was in the 1086 Domesday Survey when it was valued at 12 shillings. It was given to nearby Haughmond Abbey by Henry II in 1176. In 1235 it was exchanged with Wrockwardine Church along with the four acres of land it stood on in return for permission to lift 'turves' and soil from Gretholers moor to repair the mill pond.

Presumably it was seized from the church as part of the Dissolution of the Monastries in 1535 as it was bought from the Crown by two London speculators in 1553 when it was considered to be worth 4 shillings a year. In 1650 a Richard Steventon owned three water corn mills in one mill at Allscott.

Plans were made to add a fulling mill in 1693 and these probably went ahead as in 1700 John Cope of Allscott was described as a 'fuller'. A fulling mill was used in the production of woollen cloth indicating that some of the local land must have been enclosed and switched from arable land to sheep rearing.

Wooden hammers were attached to cams on the side of the water mill and they pounded wool steeping in tubs in a cleaning solution. In medieval times this work was done by slaves stamping on the cloth in vats of urine. Although the hammers did some of the labour it was still hard work as every two hours the cloth had to be taken out of the liquid to undo any plaits or wrinkles. By 1745 there were three corn mills and two fulling mills on the site.

By 1799 the fulling mill had been replaced by a skim mill. The mill was closed between 1856 and 1870 possibly to allow the fitting of a metal wheel to replace the wooden one, there is evidence of this occurring elsewhere in the country as the mill was certainly back in action by the early 1900's. It last worked in 1938 when the metal wheel was taken to be melted down as part of the Second World War effort.

In 2003 Ken and Elaine purchased Allscott Mill and have since refurbished it into a luxury four star bed and breakfast. It has lost none of its character and old World charm; the original oak beams that are present in every room of this unique former Mill immediately catch the eye, as does the wood burning stove and log burning fireplace.

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